If you have a structured settlement and you want monitory damages then you will prefer to get payment in installment rather than a lump sum amount. These payments will be on a regular period of time. It is beneficial for the person. Sometime you need lump sum amount to meet your financial needs and the best way is to sell them through broker. If you are receiving installments and suddenly you need a lump sum amount then you can sell your entire settlement but you have to pay fee to your broker. But if you sell some portion of the settlement then in the coming period you can carry your settlement. The cash you will receive through settlement is like an owed. It is an advance on which broker takes its fee charges. Mostly you receive lump sum cash on injuries because you have to pay high medical charges in some serious injuries. The spread out payments are usually tax free but you have to pay tax on lump sum cash. In view of some people it is easier to take cash in installments to manage their finances. On the other hand you can buy new home if you get lump sum cash.

You must need a reputable broker, once you have decided to sell your settlement. A broker is your helper and consultant. That will always give you true information because it is better for both the parties. There are many parties working in this field but selecting an honest broker is an important issue.

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